More with lipsticks in custom printed lipstick boxes

Custom Printed Lipstick Boxes

As a child, I would sift through my mom’s collection of custom printed lipstick boxes and color my lips pretty whenever she was not around. I don’t ever remember being scolded by my mother for putting on makeup. But she did tell me to wait for the right time to wear it. She also taught me proper skincare regimes for morning and night, for which I will remain eternally grateful to her.

Today, as a makeup artist, I suggest the same to my customers. They show me the most expensive collection of lipsticks in mesmerizing custom printed lipstick boxes. They ask me if it will look as good on them as shown in images, and I always tell them they will only if their lips are taken care of.  I always remind my clients to exfoliate their lips before putting on layers of lip stains.

It is vital to get rid of build-up dead cells and other impurities from the lips to achieve stunning looks. Before reaching out for those expensive lipstick packaging boxes, reach for that lip exfoliator sitting on the corner of the counter, which is hardly ever used.  Sometimes I wonder why isn’t this printed with the instructions on the lipstick packaging boxes. Exfoliation is a vital step to keep the lips looking fresh and supple. If you do not have a lip exfoliator, head to your kitchen. Take one tablespoon of honey and mix it with half a teaspoon of olive oil.  Mix one teaspoon of brown sugar into this mixture. Apply this on your lips and allow it to sit for up to five minutes. Then dip your fingertip in the leftover mixture in the bowl and start exfoliating your lips in a circular motion very gently. This million-dollar recipe is not printed on lipstick packaging boxes but works wonders.

The wonder product inside lipstick boxes in USA

American lipsticks are popular all over the world for their high quality and impressive shades. Today, a versatile range of American lipsticks is available for customers. some types include;

  1. Organic lipsticks 
  2. Mineral-based lipsticks 
  3. Waterproof lipsticks
  4. Smudge-proof lipsticks and so on.

They come in solid form, powder form, and liquid form. The manufacturers of lipstick boxes in USA have designed custom boxes according to the type of the lipstick and their packaging requirements. If one knows the shade name or the reference number of the lipstick they want to buy, they can order them online. No more do customers now have to visit retail outlets, just to buy one lipstick. Several cosmetic companies offer home deliveries against their products. This mode of business transaction is ideal for the Covid-struck economies where people are confined indoors because of lockdowns. 

Did you know that you can use the rosy shades of lipsticks as a cream blush? There is so much more that can be achieved with lipsticks. You can even use it as a colored eyeliner for a chic look. Most times, colored lipstick in place of colored liners appears better in images. So, if you need colored liners for a photoshoot, use lipsticks instead. Not quite satisfied with the color of lipstick? Add eyeshadow to change the shades and make them match your outfit.

Order perfection in custom printed lipstick boxes

Do you want to order mesmerizing custom printed lipstick boxes for your lipstick brand? If yes, then do not hesitate to get in touch with ClipnBox. It is California’s expert printing and packaging firm. It is known for creating countless tailored boxes for lipsticks using premium offset printing techniques, full-color printing, and exclusive add-ons. This company offers high-quality custom boxes at affordable rates for business entities of all sizes.

Let ClipnBox custom lipstick boxes make your products more accessible to your customers. Confirm orders for free design support from their proficient team now.

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